Lola’s Return to her Domain

January 4, 2009 at 6:59 pm (All Lola All the Time)

I know this is a bit late, but I’ve had lots of pictures to sort through before I could get to this post. But I know how much Andrea needs her Lola-fix, so I try to oblige.

We returned late on Saturday night, so we picked up the dogs at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning. There were a few families ahead of us and we could hear all the dogs barking behind the doors. They began by bringing out the leftover food and the beds – I busied myself by loading these items in the car while Tom stood at the door, looking through the small window waiting for the first sight of his dog.

While she was checking us out, the owner said that Lola was really friendly and Tom and I exchanged a look of disbelief. I asked if she meant Spice, and when she clarified the size, she agreed that Spice was very friendly. As we figured, once Spice got over her initial apprehension, she viewed this week-long stay as an opportunity to audition for a new home. But the owner did say that Lola was friendly, and that both of the dogs really liked the treats I left, the Salmon Munchies. I feel good that the dogs ate all the treats that I left, and that the owner and workers took the time to feed them the treats.

When Spice walked through the door, she was so happy to see Tom she started crying. Have you ever heard her cry from excitement? It’s kinda cool. Lola was happy to see me, but even happier to just get out of there. As soon as I opened the door to the house, Lola made a bee-line to the food bowl and didn’t resurface for a full 5 minutes. Apparently, she was on a self-imposed hunger strike to protest our Christmas vacation.


Lola would also like to thank Nonno and Nonna for the treats and toys. She was hanging out while I was unpacking the suitcase and it was uncany – she KNEW there was a pookie in there just for her.

Meek Hedgy, the Hedgehog. Lola pulled him out of the suitcase and proceeded to do this.



For some reason, she wasn’t attracted to the duck or the rabbit. I think it’s because they are such faithful, miniature recreations of QuackQuack and Wabitt, both of which are Spice’s Pookies.



She really enjoys having new Pookies, and she really likes the small ones that she can toss around and manipulate better.



She seemed content, so I walked away to throw some clothes in the wash. Not TWO minutes later, this is what I came back to:



What is her damage???  Why must she destroy??  Such a vicious little dog.

Anyway, it’s been a week and no further damage has been done to Hedgy.  Mini-Bunny and Duck are still around, unscathed.  I see Lola running around with them occasionally, as Spice chases her from room to room.  Perhaps they will live a little longer.


Also, we paid to have the groomer bathe Lola and trim her up a bit – in the Puppy-clip.  She did as I asked and left fur on, but Lola didn’t really look like she’d been groomed at all.  Even Tom commented that the groomer didn’t do a very good job – she’s a bit uneven and a bit too long to have gotten a decent trim.  The groomer also did a poor job on her ears – they were even when she went in and now are nearly 1/2 inch off – and she didn’t trim the fur from the inside of the ear.  Thankfully, she kept her snout square as I requested.  The result of all this is that Tom finally agreed that at $40 for a trim like this – I do a much better job.  Go me!!

I hope you all had a love New Year and an enjoyable holiday season.  I got a lot accomplished, like finally getting my MN driver’s license, bought some much needed new clothes and *ahem* bras, and ate, a lot.  I’m ready to go back to work and am looking forward to seeing what my new job holds.

And I’ve made only one New Year’s Resolution: in 2009, I would like to finally figure out how to correct red-eye and the demon-dog-eye look.  I think it’s doable.


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Could someone give me a paw, please?

April 19, 2008 at 9:53 pm (All Lola All the Time) ()

Lola has Squirrel. How will Squirrel fare today? Will he get slimy or is he in for much worse?

Hmm…looks like she’s in full on attack mode….

Uh-oh, she’s abandoned Squirrel? Why? Has she got something in her mouth?

Why, yes, yes she does. She has a tiny Squirrel paw in her mouth. Look at the intensity in her eyes. That’s her prize….

As a side note, Lola has learned to hoard her toys, just like Spice does. I’m so proud.

For the record, Squirrel is still alive. Good thing he doesn’t actually need those paws.

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